Upcoming Cold-Weather Fashion Trends

Fall has arrived, which means it is time to evaluate your cold-weather wardrobe. You may find you need to add a few pieces to get through the upcoming months. Filly Flair is a great place to start a search for these new pieces. You are sure to love what you find on this site.


Certain colors will be popular this fall and winter. This includes earth tones, such as those found on leaves decorating the ground during the autumn months. Pantone reports Ceylon yellow will be hot this year along with vibrant poppy. Look for pieces made of crocus petal, a lovely shade of purple, or pick up a shirt or dress with flowers featuring russet orange flowers. Women who do so will find they get numerous compliments on their outfit every time they wear it.

Long Dresses

As the temperatures drop, women often turn to clothes that cover more of their bodies. As a result, maxi dresses will be popular this year. Choose one in a floral print or go for a dress in a solid color and make use of accessories to change the look of the dress for different occasions or events. Even plunging necklines are becoming a thing of the past, as full coverage is popular this year.


Choose a dress and wear a turtleneck underneath to give the outfit a fresh new look and cover up the dress with a long overcoat or a sweater that drapes casually. Layers are great for fall and winter, and dresses can be layered in a variety of ways to provide different looks. You’ll find one dress may be worn multiple times with ease simply by changing the layers worn with the dress and the accessories.

Head over to Filly Flair today to see these trends and numerous others. Women want to look their best at all times, and this site makes it easy to do so. Choose from lace dresses, outfits with floral prints, jeans, and more. In addition, be sure to browse the footwear section and choose a new scarf or sunglasses to complete the outfit. You’ll love how easy it is to find the perfect outfit and accessories for any occasion when you visit this site.

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